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Direct current machines

Electric motors are admirable machines that combine the force of interaction of magnetic fields to act in the induction of a central axis in which it generates force, speed and movement. The basic components of DC electric machines are a field-generating magnet, ie a magnet used to create the magnetic field, a segmented ring (commutator), special contacts called brushes, a shaft and a metal frame. The shaft holds the frame and the switch while a coil of wire is wound on the frame forming one or more electromagnets with it and with the core.

The field created by the magnet moves the frame around in a circle as the switch and brushes change the direction of the current to prevent the electromagnetic field from changing direction as it rotates, so that it does not oscillate instead of rotating. A stable magnetic field with fixed polarity is created by a field-generating magnet, usually a permanent magnet to save energy. When an electric current passes through the wire coil, an electromagnetic field will be generated around the frame.

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