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Electric motors

Electric motors are machines that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, and when we connect a motor to the grid, 1hp 56 motor it will absorb a certain amount of electricity and in turn trigger a charge. This conversion process in the form of energy is comparable to being checked in a gasoline engine. In this engine, also called the exploding engine, the energy from the burning of the fuel is used to move the vehicle. In an electric motor, fuel is electric power.

Electric motors in general are made of two main parts: the rotor which is the moving part and the stator, or carcass, which is the fixed part. We can classify motors as follows for the absorbed electric energy: Electric motors of alternating current, single-phase, three-phase, electric motors of direct current.

AC electric motors operate when connected to an alternating voltage network and are single-phase or three-phase when they require single-phase or three-phase voltage. DC motors operate when connected to a DC voltage network. AC motors are today the most applied, and can be found in household refrigerators, machines and tools.

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